Reader Shaming HAS to Stop.

The Melodramatic Bookworm

I made a video on reader shaming about 2.5 years ago and I used that script as a reference for this blog post. As I read through it, I realized some of it was outdated, but so much of it was so savage. I don’t remember how the video came out because I can’t bear to watch my own videos, but it crossed 1,000 views, so that’s something, I guess? 😛

I’ve always maintained that reading helps us become better people and I still stand by it. But over the past four years that I’ve actively been on social media, I’ve seen reader shaming happen so violently, so carelessly, so heartlessly, that it has made me wonder if that were the case after all. But then again, I meet people who are gorgeous, beautiful people and my faith is restored.

The Internet, however, is as brutal as it is helpful…

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